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Pocket  Ashtrays

Disposable Pocket Ashtrays

Pocket ashtrays are compact, soft anti-litter ashtrays for clean, easy disposal of cigarette and gum litter – anywhere, anytime.

The Pocket Ashtray provides a responsible way to store cigarette butts and used gum until it can be disposed of safely and properly.

Pocket Ashtrays used at Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Mohar use these customised pouches to reduce litter and cigarette waste left on the property.

These pocket sized, personal, portable ashtrays provide for safe and convenient disposal of cigarette waste and gum.

At approximately 8cm x 8cm (3inx3in), the soft Pocket Ashtray can be carried in your bag or pocket and used to dispose of lit cigarettes or used gum wherever you go.

The Pocket Ashtray has a heat-resistant lining so no stubbing is necessary. When the wallet is closed the cigarette butt is starved of oxygen and extinguished. The Pocket Ashtray's airtight design locks smoke odors within the pouch.

These don't smell even when you place in a pocket, bag or vehicle .



Pocket Ashtrays can be purchased in the Gum and Smokes generic format (above photo)

or customised with your choice of printed message and/or logo.

Full colour printing is available at no additional cost.

We can also help you develop your own pocket ashtray design.


Custom Design and Printing Available


Prices and Order Page


Key Benefits of Personal Ashtrays:

  • A 70% drop on cigarette litter has been achieved in areas where these personal pocket ashtrays have been distributed.
  • Pocket Ashtrays provide the perfect disposal option for gum and cigarette ends for people on the move. Allow smokers to ash and dispose of their butts at any location.
  • A small, handy pouch with a fireproof lining that prevents odors or burn damage.
  • Choice of printed message and/or logo in full colour printing.
  • Great for trade shows, in store promotional items, conventions.
  • Reusable – These ashtrays are inexpensive enough to be disposable but are also reusable. Pocket ashtrays can be cleaned easily by using a little dish washing detergent with water to be re-used time and time again.
  • Assist smokers to dispose of their cigarette waste responsibly !
  • Help keep the environment clean and reduce cost of cigarette litter clean-up.


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